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UnTrim a Tree & Senior Basket Program

Untrim a Tree & Senior Basket Program

The Untrim a Tree and Senior Basket Program serves three jurisdictions, Prince William County, City of Manassas and City of Manassas Park. Volunteer Prince William has been serving upwards of 4000 families per year and over 350 seniors during the holiday season.  VPW works with the schools and social services for the outreach and communication to the families. Senior baskets are distributed to local agencies, participants of Meals on Wheels, participants of the VPW Veterans Transportation program and local assisted living homes. 

Family adoption and senior basket commitments start in September.  Donations are accepted all year long.  UnTrim a Tree and the Senior Basket program run in parallel.   The first part is making sure each child has toy through family adoption and the second part is  remembering our seniors through senior basket donations.   Untrim a Tree and the Senior Basket Program is funded completely by donors. Each child gets 2 wishes up to a $75 combined value.   The Senior Basket Program provides baskets to seniors in Prince William County, City of Manassas and City of Manassas Park.  Usually recipients are those from the Meals on Wheels and veterans that are part of our transportation program.  We also provide baskets local agencies and directly to some of the local assisted living homes.  

Donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a donation letter detailing your donation. If you have any questions please reach out through email at


  • VPW welcomes donations all year long and they can be made here.
  • Untrim a Tree family adoption and Senior Basket donation kicks off in September.  We start accepting requests for adoption and basket donations September 1 and the form can be found here.